2020 Panini Immaculate Baseball Hobby Box Random Serial # Group Break #2

2020 Panini Immaculate Baseball Hobby Box Random Serial # Group Break #2

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There are 10 slots in this break, representing numbers 0-9. Both the list of buyers and numbers will be randomized 3 times each before the break.

After randomization, I will pair up the two lists so that every slot ends up with one number in the break. All randoms will be done on random.org.

The number you receive represents the last number of the cards serial number. For example, if the cards is numbered 34/99, the card will go to whoever has the number 4, 10/10 would go to spot 0, 3/5 would go to spot 3.

If there are any redemptions (including blockchain redemptions) the serial numbering of the card will be found and the card will be randomized among the eligible spots. For example, a card numbered to /75 will have all spots eligible. A card numbered to /5 would only be randomized between spots 1-5, as they are the only spots it would go to if it was live. All 1/1s go to spot 1.


If there are for some reason any other cards without a serial numbering, they will be put into one lot and randomized to one spot.

All breaks are recorded live on my Youtube channel and are typically uploaded immediately following the break.

Break date/time is subject to change, but all efforts will be made to run the break as soon as possible.