About Me

               Ajax Sports Cards was created in 2019 by myself, A.J. Faymore, the owner and breaker to continue my dream of making and maintaining a business in a field I love, sports cards, and busting open packs. I have been in the industry since 2010, running a variety of different styles of business ventures, including but not limited to group breaking, case breaking, buying and selling single cards, as well as appraising collections and building my own.


                From 2010 through 2016, the primary focus of my business ventures was selling video games, single cards and opening cases (known as “ripping and flipping”) upon release for my old business, as well as running group breaks through various forums and message boards. I would consider myself an expert in this area, and I am happy to try and estimate a value of a card for anyone that may have a question about it. I love this stuff as both a hobby and a business, and I try to stay involved however I can.


                From 2016-2018, I worked as a group breaker for a large wholesale retailer, in which I gained great experiences and met lots of fun people who had the same interests as I did. I genuinely loved my job, and in late 2018, decided that I needed to step away and create something for myself, which was always my dream and main pursuit. In those 2 years, I gained lots of life experience, lessons and clarity, and set off on my own journey.


                In October of 2019, Ajax Sports Cards was born, fusing an old childhood nickname with the determination of making something to call my own. As of the opening of this site in 2020, Ajax Sports Cards yearns to provide the best group breaking experience on the internet, with competitive prices, knowledge, expertise, fast and careful shipping and handling, as well as a fun and enjoyable streaming experience that I can provide via my love for the hobby, as well as my supposed knack for entertaining a group of individuals as we both enjoy opening some boxes and seeing some huge cards!


                In 2020 and beyond, I hope to grow the business even further and provide single personal live breaks, special opportunities, and other ventures to hopefully reach the highest of highs, and build more relationships and networking opportunities to get you guys the best experience that I can provide!