Customer Referral Incentive Program!

Customer Referral Incentive Program!

I am introducing a new customer referral program! Of course, this doesn’t come without it’s benefits. 

It’s very simple:

When a new customer makes an order, have them leave in the note who is referring to, that way I know who to direct credit towards!!!!

For every new customer* you bring to my site that makes an initial order of $50 or more, you will receive a 10% discount on your next order! You can receive unlimited discounts, they do not stack however, but if you refer, for example, 3 new customers to my site, you will have 3 10% discount codes available!

For any customer you refer that ends up spending $200 or more, I will include a Topps Project 2020 Card into your next shipment! If I have one from at team you collect, you can request a team and I will do my best to get one for you!

For any customer you refer that ends up spending $500 or more, I will also send you a $25 gift card! This is good on ANY purchase, and is stackable with other promotions, etc. that may be ongoing!

Unfortunately, there may be some that try to defraud the system, and tracking will be in place to ensure that does not happen. I am hopeful however that I won’t have to worry about that!

Let’s keep building the community and make this a great room to break in!



*New customer MUST have not made an order on the website before, under any other name and/or email address. In order to be eligible for these rewards, you must be an existing customer yourself that has made an order of $50 or more on my site in the past. Any cancellation of orders from new customers will result in benefits being taken away. Changes can be made to this promotion at any time. Contact me for any other questions: