Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is a group break?


A group break, in it’s most general sense, is a group of people all buying a portion of a box or case, whether it is by teams, random serial numbers, random divisions or random conferences. Buyers would buy a random slot, or a specific team, and get all of the cards of whatever spot they purchased.


  • But, what does that mean? What types of breaks are there?


On my site, I will be running 4 different types of breaks. Here they are:

PYT: Stands for “Pick Your Team”, in this case, you would purchase a specific team, and you would receive all of the cards of that team that are shipping from that break. In all breaks, all serial numbered cards, autos, relics, and inserts would ship. In some base heavy breaks, the veteran base will not ship, but that will be noted ahead of time.


Random Team/Dual Random Team: This break is the same as the PYT, only that you buy a random team (or teams) in this type of break. All randoms are run immediately before the break, live on Youtube, and the video is recorded and saved for future viewing if you are not there for the break itself. All the cards for the team you are randomed is what you will receive, in the same circumstances as noted above.


Random Serial Number: A personal favorite of mine, this 10 slot break is run with higher end products where every card is serial numbered. In this case, you would be randomized a number between 0-9, and whatever number you receive, that is the number you get all the cards of. That single number represents the last digit of the serial number BEFORE the slash. For example, a card 23/99 would go to whoever has slot 3, 10/10 goes to 0, and so on. Any Panini Points go to spot 0, and redemptions are determined by randomizing between the eligible spots. Anything numbered to 10 or higher gets randomized between everyone, anything lower goes between anyone that would have had a legitimate chance at the card in the first place.


Random Division: Same as a team break, only you will receive a random division, in baseball, that is 6 slots, in football, it is 8 spots.


  • When do the boxes get opened? Where can I watch?


Each break has it's estimated date at the beginning of the description. Assuming the break fills by that date, I will get it opened on the date advertised. If the break has not filled by the end of that day, I will move it to the next day, barring any other issues.

I will be live on Youtube at 9PM EST Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Youtube channel name is ajaxsportscards.


  • How soon will I get my cards? I’m already waiting by the mailbox!


I typically will get all breaks/orders out within 2 business days after the break Any breaks on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night will go out Monday or Tuesday. Everything is shipped via USPS unless noted otherwise.


Any orders that include more than one break will ship once all breaks on that order have been completed and are ready to ship out.


  • Where are your breaks located, I want to watch!


I stream everything live on my Youtube channel (ajaxsportscards) and all videos are saved and uploaded, as well as the live stream for that night, which will be dated and noted.


  • What else do I need to know? We want answers and we want them now!


It’s that simple! If there are any questions on shipping/packing that you need answered, feel free to E-Mail me at Ajax1723@verizon.net, or contact me at 267-968-0086 and I will be more than happy to try and accommodate you with any answers I may have.


Good luck, and thank you for choosing Ajax Sports Cards for your breaking needs!