2020 5-Box Premium Baseball Mixer PYT Group Break - TONS OF HITS!

2020 5-Box Premium Baseball Mixer PYT Group Break - TONS OF HITS!

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All 30 teams were made available for purchase.

Boxes in this break:

2020 Light The Fire 12-Pack Box (36 autos/relics/numbered/rookies)
2020 Bowman Sterling (5 autos)
2020 Donruss Optic (2 autos + chance at a hot box)
2020 Panini Absolute (4 autos, 2 relics)
2020 Topps Five Star (2 Autos)

You will receive all of the cards for your team as dictated above. In breaks where veteran base does not ship, you will receive all other cards. In any other unique formats, I will make it clear before the break what cards you will be receiving. If there is ever any question, the cards that will ship is listed under the break date.

For any hits (auto/relic/numbered) with two or more players on it from different teams, I will randomize the teams 3 times in their own list, whoever is on top after the random will receive the card. Any unnumbered/regular print inserts with multiple teams will be distributed as evenly as possible between the teams.

If there are any collegiate/pro-bowl cards pulled and the team name is not listed on the card, it will go to the team they currently play for now. If they are retired or a free agent, it will go to the team they played on for the most seasons.

Any Panini Points will be put into one lot and randomized to one team at the end of the break. Any box or grand prize slots will be randomized between all teams, a memorabilia piece will go to the team displayed on it. If there is no team, it will go to the team they played for the longest.

All breaks are recorded live on my Youtube channel and are typically uploaded immediately following the break.

Break date/time is subject to change, but all efforts will be made to run the break as soon as possible.